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At Love Gaelic we value our students feedback as it allows us to keep improving and know what we are doing right. Below is some of the feedback from our wide variety of courses and events.

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"The 2-day intensive course with Ann was fantastic fun. A relaxed and comfortable class was set with an emphasis on adopting good learning habits & pronunciation. Ann was very patient and encouraging, with 12 modules covered in the 2 days working from a booklet of well-planned lessons with activities. I particularly enjoyed the counting and directions games as we were up and about, and using the language made it stick. The course was given Ann's special touch with a raffle, the games, a song, stories and a postcard. By the end of the course we had covered lots of content and I felt much more confident in speaking and listening. I would highly recommend this course with Ann to Gaelic learners."
Emma Sands, Wellcome Trust PhD Student, University of Dundee

I took the Booster course with Ann to keep up my Gaelic during summer and I feel like it has really
helped me strengthen my grammar and improve my pronunciation. The resources that Ann has
created are fun and make the grammar easier to understand and the one-on-one sessions are very
flexible and useful! Ann is very knowledgeable and has a lot of Gaelic-hacks to improve your
speech and she is also very encouraging and patient.
I feel like I have gotten a lot out of it and I am sure you will also make progress during the course.
Melvin Oosterhuis, Edinburgh

I have just completed the Beginners module and, thanks to Anna’s skill at explaining the idiosyncrasies of Gaelic grammar and pronunciation, not to mention her patience and good nature, I am able to chat about myself in Gaelic quite freely after just 12 weeks. The one-on-one sessions mean you have the teacher’s full attention at all times and can ask endless questions while being taught via Skype makes it easy to arrange the course around your schedule. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough!
Prof. Richard C. M. Mole, London

Tha an cùrsa ro-ìre (Beginner conversation Course) sgoinneil.   Despite using various learning resources, I wasn't progressing to conversational Gaelic.  Nothing beats 'face to face' lessons for improving the speaking of and listening to Gaelic, and thinking on your feet to help with a 2-way conversation.   It has been a pleasure to learn with Ann and it's been exactly what I need.   Looking forward to starting the Post-Beginner Dialogue Course soon.
Alison Jones, Scotland

“Mura b ’e Ann Desseyn cha bhithinn a’ chiadneach san teaghlach agam a bhruidhneadh a ’Ghàidhlig”
Peter Milne, Na Stàitean Aonaichte

I would highly recommend any of Ann’s classes. I am registered in the 41-week course, and I have just completed the Beginner course, and now starting the next stage towards greater fluency. The course consists of weekly private lessons with Ann and group sessions with students of roughly the same level of Gaelic skills. The classes are not dry but fun, there is lots of laughter and by Ann’s teaching methods we learn almost by osmosis.
Janice Fairney, PhD

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