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"The 2 day intensive course with Ann was fantastic fun. A relaxed and comfortable class was set with emphasis on adopting good learning habits & pronunciation. Ann was very patient and encouraging, with 12 modules covered in the 2 days working from a booklet of well-planned lessons with activities. I particularly enjoyed the counting and directions games as we were up and about, and using the language made it stick. The course was given Ann's special touch with a raffle, the games, a song, stories and a postcard. By the end of the course we had covered lots of content and I felt much more confident in speaking and listening. I would highly recommend this course with Ann to Gaelic learners."

Emma Sands, Wellcome Trust PhD Student, University of Dundee

"The course was brilliant right from the start, there was a warm welcome with hot drinks and pastries that created an environment where we quickly got to know each other which helped the learning process. The weekend was broken into achievable stages and Ann spent time to ensure we all understood and regularly ran over the  material to allow us to get to grips with the new information. This allowed us to move on together and ensured no one was left behind. We regularly broke into groups to participate in dialogue, exercises and games, this helped to further reinforce the new things we had learned. Although I had difficulty in some of the exercises, Ann provided assistance and I confidently progressed as did we all. I would highly recommend this course and Ann as a teacher and I feel  I recived a great deal from the two days. The pack I received was excellently put together and the information and accessories have been a great help in home study, particularly the website study access that has allowed me to go over the areas I struggled with during the weekend.

To summarise, a great course with a great teacher and backed up with excellent support, I have recommended to friends and family and will continue to so."

Andy Thompson, Dundee, Scotland

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