Advanced Self-study

The Islay Course is suitable for students who:
* study Gaelic at College/University
* have to prepare for an exam or interview
* have little opportunity to practice pronunciation
* want to plug the gaps in their knowledge
* want to become more confident in holding a conversation
* who want to revise


Supported Self-Study Option

The course is structured to identify quickly what areas you need extra help with. The Islay course is a storyline, following two tourists on a 4-day visit to the Isle of Islay.

You will receive the printed student handbook and access to other learning resources (e.g. videos of Islay narrated by native speakers plus downloadable learner-centred soundfiles)


Focus is on more advanced grammar (conditional, passive, genitive), reading, writing & dialogue development.



Supported Self-Study 


maximum 8 weeks of e-mail support

(holidays not included)


What You Get

E-mail support
Online resources and soundfile downloads
(native speaker & learner-centred)
Student course handbook


Online Reward:
Badge with access to a lesson sample of the
Advanced Dialogue Development Course.

Admission Requirements


Prior study at advanced level for at least 1 year

September start: fully booked

October start: we open for applications from 04/09/22

Availability will be posted on the upcoming courses page.