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Updates on Available Spaces
on our Taught Gaelic Courses are Posted Here

Multilingual learning support available: Dutch, French, English, German

Last updated 21/04/24 at 1pm

Check the course entry requirements and information before you apply. All students use the teacher's dialect,
 work within the boundaries of the course syllabus and at the same learner level. We do not offer courses on dialect differences nor discussion on the topic. Whichever Gaelic dialect you want to master, be aware of the differences, respect them and don't mix them up.

Read FAQ, the Attendance and Cancellation Policy

For new students, immediate payment is due on receipt of invoice to secure your agreed lesson time slot, by Paypal or by sending evidence of bank transfer within 24 hours of booking a course. We do not reserve spaces beyond 24 hours and the invoice will be cancelled. There are no refunds once courses have been paid for and you've accepted a lesson slot. It can not be transferred to another start-date.

2024 - 2025 term dates.png


registration for all our online courses starting the first week of September

opens 01/05/24 and closes 30/05/24, or sooner if all places are gone.

Our new September 2024 - June 2025 prices and course package details have been published on 21/04/24.

All course payments have to be received by 30/05/2024.

We have max. 4 spaces available per course, 1-1 or group (groups will be formed where possible)
(everyone else will be added to a waiting list and contacted when a space opens up in the future)

Priority boarding of alumni and continuing students opens on 01/05/24. You will get first choice of day/time.


rOther Students: registration opens 02/05/24.

On the Events' page you can register on our waiting lists.


New groups for 2024!

* Ulpan fast-track - 4 afternoon sessions per week. 

* Online Accelerated Gaelic Course Pathway - Beginner to Advanced 35 weeks (Wednesday evenings 2 hours)

Only apply if you have met the entry requirements and have funds in place. If in doubt, contact us to set up a Zoom call.

Only RSVP on our waiting list if you have are 100% sure you want a place.

GLASCHU - June 2024

Beginner immersion week (mornings) 10 - 14 June 2024

We have some spaces in the afternoon for 1-1 lessons too.


May/June/July/August 2024 - open for bookings

We are a non-funded small business and can not offer financial support, free accommodation or a general Gaelic enquiry service. Everything we offer, is on our website. For anything else, you can contact funded Gaelic Organizations or Bòrd na Gàidhlig.

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