Upcoming Courses

Some courses have entry requirements which have to be met before you apply.
Please read FAQ, the attendance and cancellation policy beforehand.

You will receive an e-mail to inform you how to prepare for your first lesson before your course starts.
Make sure you check if you need to purchase your course book or if it is included in the course.

Easter & Island Immersion Courses Break is
from 26/03/2022 until 17/04/2022

May Break is from 13/05/2022 until 22/05/2022

As COVID restrictions are lifted for indoor meetings from 24/01/22,
the immersion breaks planned for April are going ahead. 
I will be in touch soon with those that have booked.

Registration opens on 01/02/2022  for courses starting the week of 18/04/2022
We are not accepting applications before then.
Note: Capacity will be halved as we will be extremely busy during lambing time on the croft.

Latest update 25/01/22 at 12.56

Provisional availability for

(this can change over the next few weeks as we try to re-organize to squeeze everyone in,
we don't want to disappoint anyone who has been waiting to get a place)

Post-Beginner Dialogue Development Group
Tuesdays 3.30pm (starting 19/04/22)  

Confirmed to go ahead: 3 spaces (out of 4) left

Intermediate Dialogue Development Group
Wednesdays 8am (starting 20/04/22) -
4 spaces available

Beginner Conversation Course
8 spaces available for 1-1, half hour courses for new students
Intermediate or Advanced Booster Course
2 spaces available for 1-1,  1  hour lessons

Due to the growing number of continuing students,
intake of new students is limited until September 2022. 

For early morning students, Tuesday or Thursday are available
(8-9.30am with special provision for Australian/New Zealand students only, who want to start at 7am).

For afternoon students, Monday to Wednesday (2-3pm), Thursdays (1-2.30pm) are available.

Beginner/Post-Beginner/Intermediate evening classes will only be set up
if there is significant interest (get in touch now - make sure you meet the entry requirements).
No more than 4 students per class to ensure everyone gets equal individual attention
to achieve the targeted outcome.
Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

Ùlpan Wednesdays 3.30pm  starting 23/02/2022

Confirmed to go ahead - FULL


Ùlpan Thursdays 3.30pm  starting 21/04/2022

Confirmed to go ahead - 1 space left

There is no Advanced group starting in April as we offered it in January and this course finishes
before the Easter Break.

The last start for courses before the summer is the week of 22/05/2022.

The September Schedule is not available yet.

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