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Updates on Available Spaces
on our Taught Gaelic Courses are Posted Here

Multilingual learning support available: Dutch, French, English, German

Last updated 21/09/23 at 1.45pm

Some courses have entry requirements which have to be met before you apply.
Students are expected to use Skye/Uist Gaelic only. 

If you prefer to use a Lewis dialect, you can find tutors on the Isle of Lewis who have the experience and knowledge to help you with this. Whichever dialect you learn, be aware of the differences, respect them and don't mix them up.

Please read FAQ, the Attendance and Cancellation Policy before signing up.

For new students, payment is due on receipt of invoice to book your space. We do not hold spaces for more than 48 hours while waiting for payment. There are no refunds once courses have been paid for and you've accepted a lesson slot.

The waiting lists are open on the events' page.

The waiting lists are now full and closed for post-beginner/intermediate booster/advanced courses starting in January.
Only current students can still apply to reserve a space before 12/10/23.
 Thereafter you'll have to join the online waiting list.

Below is what remains available for 2024. Only those who are registered on the waiting list will get a place allocated. 

We are back to our full-time teaching schedule, including online, on & off the island and face-to-face on North Uist, hence availability is limited. We are not open yet for 2024 island bookings (March - September). 

We are also setting up a Love Gaelic Learner Weekend in Glasgow this winter. Keep an eye on updates.

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