Leuman Gràmair Pàirt 1

Gràmar na Gàidhlig

This intermediate level self-study course consists of 2 parts and requires the use of 2 course handbooks:

1. Theory and exercises - Leuman Gràmair Pàirt 1

    Accompanied by learner soundfiles - 122.05 minutes + native speaker soundfiles 17.05 minutes

2. Practical use of each grammar topic in formal & informal dialogue - Dialogue Drills Part 1

   Accompanied by soundfiles - 82.57 minutes


The dialogue drills will improve you response time in conversations and help you transition faster to thinking in Gaelic only. The topics covered are as follows:

1. Possessive Articles
2. DO + Personal Pronouns
3. Comparative Adjectives
4. Word Inversion
5. Adverbs - Direction/Location
6. Verbal Noun
7. Visible Lenition at the start of a Word
8. Adjectives after Singular Nouns in the Nominative Case
9. Future Tense of Single Syllable Verbs
10. RI + Personal Pronouns
11. Past Tense Regular Verbs
12. ANN + Personal Pronouns

Once you've completed the course, you will receive a badge that will give you access to the Mearachdan (262 ways to lose marks) book dictation sound file downloads in the Member Resource Centre.

If you want me to review your pronunciation and writing skills, you can sign up for feedback on:

- your voice recording of the conversation (Còmhradh) of each lesson​

- your written answers in Gaelic to the comprehension questions underneath each lesson.

An additional £125 will be invoiced for this support package. The supported study offer is only open to those doing the online self-study course withing a 6-week time frame. There are a limited amount of places available each month.

Try this quiz and see how much you know already:


Leuman Gràmair 1

Self Study



Unsupported £185

Self-registration all-year round.

Supported £185 + £125

See availability on the right.

The course handbooks can be bought here.
The c

Info/Course Resources

Unsupported - No time limit

Supported - 6 weeks

Downloadable sound files
(Uist native speaker & Learner-centred ones)


2 Student course handbooks to be purchased separately

Online Reward:

Access to the Mearachdan (262 Ways to Lose Marks) book dictation sound file downloads.

Admission Requirements

Unsupported study: None

Supported study: prior learning at intermediate level / Interview

September start: fully booked

October start: we open for applications from 04/09/22

Availability for supported study will be posted on the upcoming courses page.


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