Outlander Gaelic Language Lesson

Wedding Vow and more ....

By the end of this short self-study course, you should be able to pronounce some words which are used in the Outlander series. At the end, you will also learn the Wedding Vow in Gaelic. Once you completed the course, you will receive a badge which will give you access to the BONUS 2 section with a sample lesson of the Cùrsa Còmhraidh.


The joy of learning a new language is when you manage to speak those first words and put together sentences and try them out with native speakers. This gives you renewed confidence and a feeling of achievement. Through this short taster course of Gaelic in Outlander, you are on the road to learning the Gaelic language.




The perfect short course to get you just that wee bit closer to understanding Jamie Fraser!
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Course Resources

Downloadable workbook and sound files

No time limit - 9 steps (approx. 1/2 hour)
Online Reward:
Badge 14 with access to Bonus 2 lesson sample of the Cùrsa Còmhraidh - An Introduction to Scottish Gaelic.

Admission Requirements

No entry requirements

Your Video Introduction

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