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Uibhist a Tuath - Isle of North Uist

On-Demand Gaelic Lessons

Ionad Chladach Chirceaboist

Gaelic Immersion Courses North Uist
Gaelic Immersion Courses North Uist
Gaelic Immersion Courses North Uist
Gaelic Immersion Courses North Uist
Gaelic Immersion Courses North Uist

About Us

Fàilte gu Uibhist a Tuath! Welcome to the Isle of North Uist!


Our on-demand language classes are the ideal opportunity for island visitors and locals to experience learning the native Gaelic language which is connected in these islands with everyday life from crofting to fishing, shopping and pub culture. The richness of the language spoken in local dialects encourages you to listen and try and converse and learn new words and phrases along the way. Whether you are passing through North Uist or live locally, get in touch to book your own Gaelic language learning experience.

We are located at the Claddach Kirkibost Centre and are taking bookings for face-to-to-face teaching in between our online commitments. All bookings require full payment beforehand and are non-refundable unless plane or ferry are cancelled last minute due to weather or technical problems. We have a card machine available for last minute bookings and shop. 

We may be teaching online, out of the office with students or for other work commitments, so check beforehand if you want to make sure we are in and available.  For bookings and reservations, call 00 44 (0)141 465 36 48.


We can pick you up and drop you off at your accommodation/ferry/airport when you book these (extra fee). 

We have a full-time teaching and work schedule, hence availability may be limited. You may have to share the lesson with another student/other students. Information below will be updated as we work through setting up the summer service.

Option 1 Beginner Communication Skills

This is a 2.5 hour intensive induction of Gaelic communication skill essentials. Learning Gaelic is not just about what you learn, but most importantly how you use it. We will show you techniques and other tips, that will serve you further learning. 
£65 per person 

Option 2 Intermediate or Advanced Booster (Filling the gaps - reading, speaking, listening, writing)

12 hour Intermediate or Advanced Booster Course, to be completed in the same week. Includes 1 trip into the community  & 1 lunch.

(Revision of prior learning - includes conversation development

Intermediate level - Suitable for those who completed prior learning of irregular verbs. See entry requirements.

Advanced level - Suitable for those who completed prior learning of conditional & passive tense. See entry requirements.

£345 per person (book and other resources included)

Option 3 Beginner Conversation Course (1 or more students ) 

8 hour course, to be completed in the same week. Plus 1 trip into the community  & 1 lunch. Suitable for absolute beginners, post-beginner and Duolingo learners who have not yet mastered reading habits, communication techniques nor confident formal & informal conversation skills. 

£285 per person (book and other resources included). 

Some spaces have already been booked for the following dates:

Option 4 Single 1-hour lesson - taster or filling in the gaps in your learning (1 or more students, can only be booked once)
£25 per person

Option 5 Single 1-hour Grammar Exercises Session (1 or more students) English medium - excludes conversation practice

£25 per person

Option 6 Post-beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Dialogue Development Course (1 or more students) 

8 hour topic course to be completed within the same week. Students have to work within the verb grammar parameters of the course syllabus as specified below. 

£240 per person 

Zoom interview required to show us evidence of your prior learning at this level with college or university and that you have fully mastered the following already:

Post-beginner : use of the verb to be in past/present/future tense, can, like, prefer, infinitive, word inversion / Reading & Conversation
                           at Beginner Level, both formal and informal. 
Intermediate   : all the above plus the use of regular and irregular verbs in past and present tense / Reading & Conversation at Post-
                           beginner Level.

Advanced        : all the above plus the use of regular and irregular verbs in passive and conditional tense / Reading & Conversation at

Tha sinn a’ coimhead air adhart fàilte a thoirt dhuibh!

We look forward to welcoming you!

Cuir fios thugainn

Tapadh leibh!
We’ll get in touch as soon as we are available.

You can check and book your ferry travel here 

You can book air travel here

For general information on the Outer Hebrides and what to do, where to go, where to eat etc., you can check the following website:     

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Gaelic Immersion Courses North Uist

Wir hatten einen fantastischen Kurz-Kurs bei Ann auf Uist! Dabei konnten wir sehr viel über die Aussprache, Betonung und die aktuelle Anwendung der gälischen Sprache lernen. Das Wichtigste aber war die sympathische, lockere Art von Ann, die viel Geduld hatte und so viele Tipps und Tricks gezeigt hat. Es hat wahnsinnig viel Spaß gemacht und mich darin bestärkt, weiter zu machen. Vielen Dank, Ann!


Anita Hecker, Köln, Germany

‘A hugely enjoyable experience. Ann is a brilliantly enthusiastic and patient teacher. I would highly recommend a short immersive course and will definitely be back for more. Tapadh leat.’ 

A. S. , England

Gaelic Immersion Courses North Uist
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