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Portfolio of ongoing Work

Last updated 07/12/2023

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Mainland Course Opportunities

Learn Gaelic Face-to-Face

We are traveling to Glasgow end of January 2024 to look for a suitable office/training space, so we can work between the island and mainland.

The cost and time to travel to Uist is quite high, hence we will bring our courses to you. Once winter is behind us, we will re-start our Aberdeen & Fife Immersion Courses as well.

Love Gaelic Office Visits


We are located in the Claddach Kirkibost Centre and are available for 1-1 and group course delivery.

Check online for 2024 immersion weeks and other booking options.

Prior booking is required as we may be out with students, have other commitments or teach online.

Available 7-days per week
(May - September)

Bilingual Coaching Programme

Life & Business Coaching

Communication Skills Development.

We are starting a new group on our Coaching Programme in February 2024.

For more info:



Learner Books

We are now preparing our beginner learner books focused on multilingual learning and studying Gaelic through the medium of Dutch, French and German.

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Mòran taing!

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