Debating Skills

The course is for more advanced learners who want to get a simplified taster of a debating environment. It is a fun environment, challenging but with great rewards in the advanced use of the language. 

Advanced Learners

Debating Skills


The course consists of 4 lessons where students learn to apply the criteria for a successful debate (clear viewpoints, confident use of terminology, eye contact, engaging, funny at times, knowledgeable, good timing). 2 opposing teams will present their views on the topic. All students are required to submit an opinionated writing piece beforehand where they can show off their terminology use and presentation structure (introduction - 3 viewpoints - conclusion). They need to present these 3 points in the lesson and will need to be able to confidently answer questions from the opposing team before deciding whether or not to join the opposing team.

Sgilean Deasbadaireachd

Cost £65 (certificate included)

4 x 1 hour lessons (weekly)
e-mail support

4 places available


What you get

Student course handbook

Feedback on pronunciation and writing skills before each lesson.

Access to each other's corrected scripts beforehand.

Online Reward:

Badge 13 

Admission Requirements

June 2022

Registration opens 18/04/2022

Entry requirements:

successful completion of the taught 1-1 or group Advanced Dialogue Development Course


Advanced Learner/near fluent - Interview

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