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Cancellation Policy

Attendance Policy

I haven't got the funds yet to pay the invoice.

Immediate full payment is required to book a course and secure your place. If payment has not been received by the due date, your invoice and reserved place on the course will be cancelled. No further courses may be taken.

We allow some time for funded places to be processed however if payment is not received at least 2 weeks before the reserved course start date, the course and invoice to your funder will be cancelled. You will have to re-apply for a space on future courses once registration opens for these.

How late can I show up for a 1-1 lesson?

If you don't turn up at the booked time within 10 minutes of the lesson starting, the session will be cancelled and can not be rescheduled. The lesson will be deducted from the total of lessons you paid for.

How late can I show up for a group lesson?

You can't enter late as the lesson will have started. There is nothing more disrespectful than disrupting a lesson and wasting valuable time. If you foresee to be late, you need to give 24-hour prior notice to gain access during a lesson.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my course?

There are no refunds once you have booked a space. You can not postpone your course to another date. You can not change the course you registered for.

Reasons for course termination.

I reserve the right to terminate your course with immediate effect without refund for reasons as follows:

- rude behaviour
- lesson preparation and homework not completed on time on 2

- selective & partial course work instead of all aspects

- a persistant negative, no-can-do attitude
- breaching copyright of my resources
- continuously comparing/wanting help with courses from other    course providers

- continuously attempting to work outside the course  scope /     
  level, trying to outsmart others

- lack of effort, not applying what is being taught

- not showing up for a lesson on 2 occasions without prior

What if my tutor doesn't show up at the agreed time?

If your tutor doesn't show up on Zoom at the booked time, it could be because of:

- bad weather
- power cuts or broadband signal loss

- time change (check the clock webpage)

(check your e-mail for last minute notifications)
Follow this rule:

'If the tutor doesn't show within 5 minutes of a scheduled lesson, cancel. The tutor will get in touch as soon as possible to reschedule if there was a force majeure.'

I forgot/I overslept/I had some stuff going on.
Can I get in touch afterwards to reschedule?

Missing a scheduled private lesson without prior notification at least 24 hours beforehand will be deducted from the total amount of sessions paid for. 

Missing a second scheduled private lessons without prior notification at least 24 hours beforehand, will result in immediate cancellation of the course without refund. If you had a funded place, your funder will be sent a report of your course attendance. No further courses may be taken.

Any rescheduling of lessons will be at our discretion but only in exceptional circumstances. 

Lesson Preparation / Homework

In order to get access to your scheduled taught lesson, you are required to complete all preparation work by the deadline given to you, to allow us enough time to check it within business hours and in between teaching. (excludes Ùlpan students).


Late submissions won't be reviewed and your lesson will be cancelled. You can not reschedule the lesson and it will be deducted from the total amount of sessions paid for. Missing the deadline twice will result in immediate removal from the course without refund.

Lesson rescheduling

If you need to reschedule your lesson, you can only do so within the same week with at least 24-hour notice. We can not guarantee there will be a suitable space available still that week as our diary is usually pretty full weeks in advance. In that case, you will lose the lesson.

Courses have to be completed within their time frame blocked off for you and can not be extended as other times are blocked off for other students.

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