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Gaelic Books

Learn Something Valuable -Leabhraichean Gàidhlig

You’ve always dreamed of reaching that next level in your studies and use of the Gaelic language. At Love Gaelic, we have produced books and student manuals that run in conjunction with our Online Scottish Gaelic Language Courses to help get you there. Below are a few of them.

We are keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible and this is partially achieved by eliminating our 20 miles round-trips with the car to the post-office to send resources to our students almost entirely. Hence we are using LULU.COM print-on demand services where students can buy their course books and get direct delivery to their home address instead of being sent to the Western Isles first. You can either buy the books in our shop or on LULU.COM (We suggest you compare both, to see which option is cheaper for your location or currency).

Gaelic Dialogue Development

Comas Labhairt - Speaking Confidence

For those who prefer a self-study course with a book, you can also access our self-study courses to practice your dialogue reading / pronunciation skills with as well as get some tips as on how to make your conversations more interesting. You can really raise the bar in regards to your reading ability very quickly, if you buckle down on practicing with our soundfiles or you could use our Scottish Gaelic Books in your own conversation groups. If  you prefer to get support and feedback on your pronunciation, then you can sign up for the taught or supported self-study courses instead.

Gaelic Beginner course book
French Gaelic Beginner Conversation Course.jpg
German Gaelic Beginner Conversation Course.jpg
Kursus Gaelic Nederlands
Post-Beginner Gaelic Dialogue Development
Intermediate Gaelic Dialogue Development
Advanced Gaelic Dialogue Development

Scottish Gaelic Grammar Books

Write with Confidence

Have you struggled to get a grasp of Gaelic Grammar, not quite understood verb formation, noun cases or sentence structure? To help you understand some basic grammar rules, we created these additional study books. Some are an essential part of our online courses but can also be used on their own. Understanding of the written word will in return boost your confidence and have a positive impact on your conversation skills in the Gaelic language.

Cùrsa Ro-ìre Gràmar na Gàidhlig
Grammar exercises part 1
Gaelic Dialogue Drills 1
Grammar Exercises Part 2
Gaelic Verbs and Dialogue Drills
Leuman 2
Gaelic Dialogue Drills 2

Listening Skills

Gaelic listening skills
Phonetic Learning Xiaomanyc

Scottish Gaelic Booster Course Books

Eilean Uibhist_edited.jpg

Other Print Resources

Gaelic Notebook
Gaelic Notebook
Gaelic Crosswords
Leabhar-latha Monthly planner
Leabhar-latha Weekly Planner
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