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Dialogue Development

Comas Labhairt

Love Gaelic has created these Dialogue Development Courses to meet the needs of students to become more confident with everyday conversations. As many want to learn to speak Gaelic as a priority but often do not have the opportunity to do so, these courses will give you the platform to do just that.

The delivery of these courses has continuously developed and has become a cornerstone of their learning on which they can further build vocabulary and grammar. It is evident that you can be taught to master a certain level of fluency at any level, as long as you solely focus on the correct application of your skills and knowledge at that specific level, through a combination of correct grammar use, pronunciation and reading skills (emphasis and breathing breaks). With this solid foundation, you will always have something to fall back on once you move up a learner level, without knocking your confidence in conversation settings.

Post Beginner


These 8 lessons are aimed at Post-Beginner Gaelic Learners who want to develop their conversation
(on the spot thinking) and dialogue writing skills. It includes the use of basic grammar covered in the
Cùrsa Ro-ìre (use of To Be, Verbal Noun, Can, Prefer, Like) and vocabulary building relating to the
8 practical topics. Apart from working on pronunciation, you will build a solid foundation and fallback
for further dialogue development at higher levels.