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Love Gàidhlig ann an Glaschu











Collabor8te, 22 Montrose Street, Glasgow, G1 1RE

Contact 0141 465 36 48

Business hours Monday - Friday 9 - 5pm

Collabor8te Business Members qualify for a 25% discount on any taught course we deliver online or face-to-face in Scotland.


We have now started our tutoring session in the Glasgow Branch and aim to make visit the Glasgow at least once per month, to support our mainland students.  We are located close to Queen Street Station, which is also a bus-stop for the airport bus. If you plan to fly in for a course, get in touch, we can offer similar course packages as we do online or on the island (excludes excursions).

Information below will be updated as we work through setting up this service.

20-22 March 2024 - registration is open


Remaining availability:

Wednesday 20/03/24 3 - 4pm
Thursday 21/03/24 10am - 12pm and 2 - 5pm

Friday 22/03/24 availability 10am - 5pm (10am - 12pm: Beginner Taster Class - Free for Collabor8te members / £15 non-members)

If you can't see what you are looking for, get in touch. 

Collabor8te Glasgow

Beginner Communication Skills

This is a 2 hour induction into Gaelic communication skill essentials. It's not just about what you learn, it's how you use it. Learn good speaking techniques now, that will save you a lot of time in the future, correcting bad habits.


Beginner Conversation Course

This is a 10 lesson course suitable for absolute beginners and duolingo learners, who still need to develop strong reading, conversation and communication skills. Click here for info £260

Advanced Booster - GAP Filler

8-hour course
£320 for first-time Love Gaelic Students
£240 for Love Gaelic alumni 

Entry requirements apply

Reading, Revision, Conversation

Click here for info

Delivered over 4 monthly or less

​Ùlpan Intensive Course

If you are interested in this course, let us know and we'll set up the first block (Unit 1 - 12) (delivered weekdays), 

Click here for info

Join the waiting list for September 2024

1-1 tuition 
(Structured or Un-structured)

If you need un-structured 1-1 support with your study, we can set up some taught face-to-face sessions. You need to come prepared with a list of specific things you want help with.

If you want a structured course with resources and want flexibility in scheduling sessions, then this if or you.

£25 per hour (buy 10, get 1 hour free)

Intermediate Booster- GAP Filler

8-hour course & resources
£320 for first time Love Gaelic students

£240 for Love Gaelic alumni

Entry requirements apply

Reading, Revision, Conversation

Delivered over 4 monthly sessions or less

Click here for info

Post-beginner / Intermediate / Advanced Dialogue Development Course

8 hour course to learn communication skills, with lesson preparation work. Students have to work within the verb grammar parameters of the course syllabus as specified below. Entry requirements below and detailed in course descriptions apply.

£240 per person 

Delivered over 4 months or less  
Includes writing & sound recording homework


Post-beginner : use of the verb to be in past/present/future tense, can, like, prefer, infinitive, word inversion / Confident Reading & Conversation at Beginner Level, both formal and informal. 

Intermediate   : all the above plus the use of regular and irregular verbs in past and present tense / Confident Reading & Conversation at Post-beginner Level.

Advanced        : all the above plus the use of regular and irregular verbs in passive and conditional tense / Confident Reading & Conversation at Intermediate Level.

Cuir fios thugainn Contact us

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