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Hear It From the Source

I’m so grateful to Ann for her patience and encouragement in guiding me through the beginner course. The one-to-one online support was invaluable in checking my pronunciation and answering my questions about the grammar behind the phrases I was learning. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without her. Even more fun was the insight into how pronunciation differs from one island to the next, how the old counting system works in Gaelic – and how the lambing was coming along! Learning a little Gaelic was an important symbol for me after moving to Scotland, and I’m so pleased to have made my first steps in the language.

Louise Locock

Professor of Health Services Research

I would highly recommend any of Ann’s classes. I am registered in the 41-week course, and I have just completed the Beginner course, and now starting the next stage towards greater fluency. The course consists of weekly private lessons with Ann and group sessions with students of roughly the same level of Gaelic skills. The classes are not dry but fun, there is lots of laughter and by Ann’s teaching methods we learn almost by osmosis.

Janice Fairney, PhD

If somebody wants to learn Scottish Gaelic without previous knowledge should start with the beginner course. There are short lessons each easy to learn in one week. The lessons based on each other. After the course you have basic vocabulary to use. To have lessons with Ann is a great fun because she is a very good teacher. Many thanks to her!!! I can really recommend this course.

Birgit Scheschina, Berlin

I have just completed the Beginners module and, thanks to Anna’s skill at explaining the idiosyncrasies of Gaelic grammar and pronunciation, not to mention her patience and good nature, I am able to chat about myself in Gaelic quite freely after just 12 weeks. The one-on-one sessions mean you have the teacher’s full attention at all times and can ask endless questions, while being taught via Skype makes it easy to arrange the course around your schedule. I cannot recommend Anna highly enough!

Prof. Richard C. M. Mole, London

The introductory course was tremendous fun.  Ann is a great teacher; patient and very encouraging.  The written material is very good. Ann’s verbal guidance was practical and delivered with a sense of fun that kept my enthusiasm alive.  I am looking forward to the post-beginner dialogue course.

Joanne Wakelin, New Zealand

I've been learning Gaelic with Ann since late summer. I didn't have a single word of Gaelic before starting. Having completed the 12-week beginner course, I am amazed at how miuch I have learned. Ann is fun, flexible, knowledgeable and an absolute pleasure to work with. Thinking about learning? Jump in here, you won't regret it!

Gillian McRobie, Scotland

I can’t recommend Ann’s one-to-one course for beginners highly enough. Ann is very patient and gives you all the support and the time you need to learn and improve. The course is very well structured also to support the beginner, and the one-to-one sessions have the advantage of some time for conversation practice also. It’s given me confidence with my Gaelic learning - and it’s great fun!

Sarah Mann, UK

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Cùrsa Còmhraidh and Cùrsa Ro-Ìre courses. Ann is a wonderful and patient tutor.  The various books that are written by her,  to be used in conjunction with all her courses are straightforward, highly explantory and excellent reference guides. The soundfiles available complete the package. I’m returning next term for more first-rate tuition.”

Tracie Fern, UK

“Mura b ’e Ann Desseyn cha bhithinn a’ chiadneach san teaghlach agam a bhruidhneadh a ’Ghàidhlig”,

Peter Milne, Na Stàitean Aonaichte

Tha an cùrsa ro-ìre (Beginner conversation Course) sgoinneil.   Despite using various learning resources, I wasn't progressing to conversational Gaelic.  Nothing beats 'face to face' lessons for improving the speaking of and listening to Gaelic, and thinking on your feet to help with a 2-way conversation.   It has been a pleasure to learn with Ann and it's been exactly what I need. Looking forward to starting the Post-Beginner Dialogue Course soon.

Alison Jones, Scotland

I have just spent the last eleven weeks learning Gaelic from Ann Desseyn at As a total novice, I approached the course with fear and trepidation. I had received this course as  a birthday gift from my son, and I thought he liked me!  

After a few technical difficulties - me being not totally comfortable with Zoom - I started to learn a  little Gaelic. Ann made me feel very relaxed and explained every lesson with the patience of a  saint, at times she certainly needed it!  

I found that I was working hard to complete the ascribed lessons, paper work exercises to be  completed prior to the conversations that took place one to one. The actual face time was a sheer  pleasure if sometimes hilarious due to my interpretations of the text.  

As a retired Head Teacher, I recognise a natural teacher when I meet one and Ann certainly  qualifies on that count. She knew exactly when to emphasise a specific grammatical nuance and  when to give in gracefully!  

The printed course book was a great help and the sound files ensured that my pronunciation was  as good as it could be for a non native speaker.  

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and there is a distinct possibility that I will take  advantage of the freebie introduction to the next level. 

Well done Ann, keep up the good work and finish your next book! 

God Bless 

Andrea Morton, England

The beginners conversation course was the perfect introduction to Gaelic. It included course materials that were intuitive and easy to follow in addition to sound files that gave me the opportunity to repeat a lesson as many times as needed in order to get the pronunciation correct. The 1-2-1 tuition sessions were a good opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications on the course work. The course was well paced and focussed on Gaelic that you would use on an everyday basis. I really enjoyed the course which was both fun and interesting.

Terence McLellan, Scotland

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