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I have now done the beginner and post-beginner dialogue development courses with Ann. The second builds really well on the first, and together they have really helped me build my confidence in conversational Gaelic. I still have a LOT to learn, but these courses have been great fun to do and have increased my enthusiasm for learning more and building on the basics I have learnt so far. It’s so helpful to be put in a realistic conversational situation, but also to know that Ann is there to support the students through the process. Thank you Ann!!

Sarah Mann, UK

Since the summer of 2020, (' S e a’ bhliadhna air an glasadh-sluaigh a th’ oirre mar ainm), I have completed Ann’s 1/1 Beginners’ Course and the Group Post Beginner Dialogue Development Course. I enjoyed them both and learned a lot. My Pronunciation, Reading and Listening skills have improved tremendously. Ge bha na Romanaich ag ràdh “Nithear càrn mòr de chlachan beaga.”

The courses are like Lego bricks. What did I personally like about Ann’s Courses most?

Chan eil àite-falaich ann idir! Ann used her experience and professionalism to take me out of my comfort zone. It was difficult not to learn. You also get value for money - “It does what it says on the tin!” The course materials are handy reference documents too.

Iain H. , Sruighlea

"This is a fantastic set of courses to take with a great approach to teaching.

Ann delivers the lessons with a calm and friendly tone which eases any anxiety that comes with learning a new skill. 

I sat the Beginner and Post-Beginner courses and thanks to Ann's teaching, my approach to learning Gàidhlig and other languages has improved, and my skills from speaking to writing have developed and grown substantially. I cannot recommend anyone else!"


Ùisdean Caimbeul Wylie, Scotland

I recently completed two courses with Ann, Intermediate Booster and Intermediate Dialogue, and would highly recommend both.
The Booster really met its aims of improving my Gaelic - in conversation and grammar. The one-to-one sessions are intensive and adapted to your own specific needs. Along with the written homework these rapidly increase your level of knowledge.
The Dialogue group was equally useful, and quickly made a real difference in my ability to understand and speak the language. 
Ann is very knowledgeable and thorough so no errors go undetected! But as well as that the classes are good fun. There’s a wealth of information on the website and the Asterix and grammar books are much appreciated. Teagasg math agus deagh spòrs

Mairi Osborne, Scotland

I have had the pleasure of working with Anna both in a one-to-one class and in a small group setting. Her course materials are thought out very well, and they move the student along at a comfortable pace. In the small group conversation class, Anna pushed each student, gently but firmly, to use what Gaelic that they had. Each student was appropriately challenged for their level, and all students were much more comfortable conversing at the end of the course. Particularly at this time, when classes have to be conducted online, I would encourage anyone wanting to improve their Gaelic conversation skills to look into Anna's courses.

Michael Pollock, Canada

I set out on my Gaelic journey courtesy of DuoLingo. Having completed the course, I had some of the language basics and a bit of vocabulary but was very conscious that I had little or no listening or conversational skills. My pronunciation skills were also pretty non-existent. After what I like to think of as 4 remedial sessions with Ann, I did the Post-Beginner Dialogue Course. At the end of this, I had definitely made real progress in all three skill areas. I'm not going to pretend it was easy, but it was very effective and the group Zoom sessions were great fun. The course materials also provide great reference documents to fall back on. Thanks Ann.

Keith Auchterlonie, Fife, Alba

The dialogue course gave me a reason to write Gaelic every week with the invaluable addition of having it corrected by a teacher.  It also gave me the freedom to experiment with my Gaelic without the worry of losing marks because I got it wrong, so I did experiment, and sometimes I got it fairly wrong, but Ann sorted that out for me!  I also had a lot of fun developing some quirky characters and stories!

Fiona Waddell, Alba

The beginners dialogue development course was a good mix of self study with online classes. It gave me more confidence in Gaelic pronunciation with sometimes challenging conversation with other students. It was a fun and informative course with encouragement to proceed further with the language. Mòran taing!

Dawn Webster - Uibhist a Tuath

"I’ve just completed Ann’s course Dialogue Development (lower Intermediate) and thought it was great. It gave me conversational skills and strategy and, more importantly, confidence to speak Gaelic.  I didn’t realise that learning Gaelic could be fun too!”

Mhairi MacDonald-Greig, Edinburgh

The Higher Intermediate Dialogue Development Course was on a par with my week at SMO for helping me to progress, possibly more so because of the amount of individual chat and support. It was particularly helpful for me to have to write the scripts and benefit from your corrections. I thought the structure of the course was excellent, training us in using the language in various situations and getting us to stretch ourselves in terms of irregular verbs, tenses, use of ‘s e, getting the right pronoun etc. And of course the help with pronounciation which is always a work in progress for me.

Brian Carson, Edinburgh

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I have just completed the Intermediate Dialogue Development course which was offered as a 1 to 1 with Ann. It was the most helpful course, and I think unique in its approach. Through its integrated reading, script-writing and practice speaking in realistic situations, progress was very rapid.


I was not very confident speaking Gaelic but the many short-cuts and tips that Ann offered have helped to improve my pronunciation very quickly. It is difficult when you don’t hear the language spoken around you, fortunately, this course was tailored to my own needs and allowed me to feel more able to tackle real life conversations.


This course exceeded my expectations. Thank you!

Brigid, Oxfordshire

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