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Simon Community Coastline Challenge

Tha sinn seachd searbh sgìth a bhith nar suidhe san oifis gach latha, mar sin nì sinn aire air ar sunnd am bliadhna. Tha Love Gaelic a’ dèanamh Coastline Step Challenge còmhla ri feadhainn eile bhon oifis Collabor8te Ghlaschu. Coisichidh sinn 10,000 ceum gach latha agus fad mìos no dhà.

Bheir sinn taic do Choimhearsnachd Shìm. Bidh iad a’ toirt taic do dh’inbhich agus do dhaoine òga a tha gun dachaigh, no a tha ann an cunnart a bhith gun dachaigh, le bhith a’ toirt dhaibh rud sam bith a tha a dhìth orra.

We are fed up sitting at our desk day in day out and decided to put our health and wellbeing first in 2024. Love Gaelic has joined the Coastline Step challenge with the others from the Glasgow Collabor8te office, where our new base is. We will walk 10,000 steps each day and have 11349.2km ahead of us and 59 days to walk them.

If you feel sorry for these not so fit legs of ours, there will be opportunity to donate the Simon Community charity, to keep us motivated. They support adults and young people who are experiencing homelessness, or are at risk of homelessness, by providing them with whatever they need – whether this is support in retaining a tenancy, or providing shelter.

Or you can just sign up for a Gaelic course, to give us a chance to sit our desk a wee bit longer.

Or you can donate


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