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Eilean Uibhist - Intermediate Level Gaelic Course

We have just launched the self-study course and made to book available for purchase in our book shop as well.

The Eilean Uibhist Self-study Course is suitable for students who:

* want to plug the gaps in their knowledge * who want to revise vocabulary and grammar

* who want to find out more about Uibhist

* who want to work on reading and dialogue writing skills

This Self-Study Scottish Gaelic course is for intermediate level learners who want to revize and re-enforce their skillset. It covers the story of two tourists who are on a 4-day visit to Uist.

The bilingual course work book can be purchased online and consists of their daily dialogues which can be listened to in our videos, vocabulary and grammar exercises, question and answer practice, vocabulary list, supplemented with online dialogue writing development practice. Most answers to exercises are provided in the online section.

You can sign up for e-mail supported study, if you want to receive feedback on your pronunciation and writing task only. Limited spaces available each month.

For those who want downloadable soundfiles, support with questions outside the course curriculum and so much more, you can sign up for our taught 8-week Intermediate Booster Course instead, which includes this Uibhist course as well. Limited spaces available each month.

On successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate and a badge with access to a lesson sample of the Intermediate Dialogue Development Course.


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