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Cùrsa Ro-ìre

Gràmar na Gàidhlig - Gaelic Grammar at Preliminary Level Course

The Gaelic Grammar at Preliminary Level Course will give you all the grammar you need to have day-to-day conversations with confidence without having to worry about having to master advanced level learning first. The course consists of online resources and a printed student course handbook which can be purchased in my shop. The course covers the following grammar points: 

- The verb TO BE, LIKE, CAN, PREFER 
- Verbal Noun & Infinitive-like Verbal Noun of Regular & Irregular Verbs 
- Simple sentence Structure 
- Prepositional Pronouns formed with Prepositions AIG, RI, AIR, LE, DO in combination with   
  Personal Pronouns.  

- Vocative Case of Names, Lenition, Possessive Articles, Nouns and Gender, Adjectives, Adverbs, 
   Definite Articles, Plural Nouns, Vowels. 

- Glossary of grammatical terms 
- Useful classroom phrases 
- Vocabulary List 

Once you have completed the course, you will receive a badge with access to a sample lesson of the Cùrsa Còmhraidh Luchd-Tòiseachaidh in the Member Resource Section.

Joanne - New Zealand

Joanne - New Zealand

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£65 (online resources only)


You can either buy the printed course book or PDF 

£12.99 click here BOOK

£4.99 click here PDF


No study support

Course Resources

Your Gateway to Learning

Online presentation slides,  downloadable sound files & resources, revision quiz.

Student course handbook to be purchased separately.

No time limit - 8 lessons

Online Reward:
Access to a lesson sample of the Intermediate level Regular and Irregular Verbs Course.

Admission Requirements

Self-registration  all-year-round

No entry requirements

Scottish Gaelic Books

Join Our Love Gaelic Student Community!

To reduced our carbon footprint, we no longer make the daily long journeys to the post-office to send out course books. You can now buy our course books on demand and get them delivered right to your door.

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