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Mainland Gaelic Classes 2024

We now have dates for our private tutoring 2024 availability in the centre of Glasgow (venue is likely to be in Montrose Street Glasgow City Centre). We still have online teaching commitments and need to maximise the remaining hours to help as many students as possible. You may have to share lessons with others. Our target is to provide continuing support to students on the mainland as well, as travel to Uist for courses is quite expensive. So, we are bringing the island to you. (including some affordable shop items, as our online shop prices are quite high, due to financial fees of running it). We are now filling up our Glasgow schedule, so get in touch as soon as possible, if you want a space. We'll match you with a day/time that suits us both. 

We are offering an introductory rate for the first 3 months, so take advantage if this while you can.


24-28 January 2024

21-25 February 2024 (Seachdain na Gàidhlig)

20-24 March 2024


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