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Leuman Gràmair Pàirt 1

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This self-study course consists of 2 parts, with about 3.6 hours of learner soundfile downloads to practice with. 1. Theory and exercises - Leuman Gràmair Pàirt 1 book 2. Practical use of each grammar topic: Formal & Informal Dialogue Drills Part 1 book to improve you response time in conversations and help you transition faster to thinking in Gaelic only. ​The course syllabus consists of the following topics: 1. Possessive Articles 2. DO + Personal Pronouns 3. Comparative Adjectives 4. Word Inversion 5. Adverbs - Direction/Location 6. Verbal Noun 7. Visible Lenition at the start of a Word 8. Adjectives after Singular Nouns in the Nominative Case 9. Future Tense of Single Syllable Verbs 10. RI + Personal Pronouns 11. Past Tense of Regular Verbs 12. Preposition ANN followed by Personal Pronouns Once you completed the course, you will receive access to the Mearachdan book dictation sound file downloads. You can sign up for feedback on: - your voice recording of the conversations - your written answers in Gaelic to the conversation comprehension questions £125 will be invoiced additionaly for this package. The supported study offer is only open to those doing this online self-study course over a 6-week period. Only a few places are available each month.

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Luchd-Ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig

Luchd-Ionnsachaidh na Gàidhlig

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