Upcoming Courses

Some courses have entry requirements which have to be met before you apply.
Please read FAQ, the attendance and cancellation policy beforehand.

You will receive an e-mail to inform you how to prepare for your first lesson and
how to access the online resources about a week before your course starts.
Make sure you check if you need to purchase your course book or if it is included in the course.

SEPTEMBER & OCTOBER Courses : registration CLOSED
NOVEMBER: Waiting Lists are OPEN.
Registrations will be processed on 01/09/2021 in order of e-mail receipt.

Some courses will carry over into 2022 after the Christmas break.

You can self-register on Online Beginner Group Monday Evening 7pm Course (September - only 1 space left)
and Immersion Week/Weekends (2022) on the
Events Page.

OCTOBER BREAK 13/10/21 - 26/10/2021
CHRISTMAS BREAK 15/12/2021 - 09/01/2022

Expected course spaces available again in November:

- An Introduction to Scottish Gaelic: Cùrsa Còmhraidh  
10-week course (1-1 or morning group of 4 spaces)

- Dialogue Development at post-beginner/intermediate/advanced learner level 
8-week courses (1-1 or group  of 4 students)

Advanced Debating Skills 
4-week group (max. 6 students) course starting between 10 - 16 November.

To be confirmed:

Gaelic Ùlpan Group starting from Lesson 1 (limited places)
Course will be offered in learning blocks (e.g. 6/12/24 lessons each) from September 2021
Ùlpan Immersion Courses 2022 (e.g. weekend / week / 4-weeks on Uist in 2022).

The full course consists of 144 x 1.5 hour lessons over 3 learning levels and teaches students to use Gaelic through listening and speaking (drills). There will be activities & scripted role-play in context of the lesson.

You will be required to complete and submit tasks no later that 48 hours before each lesson as a condition to attend the following lesson. 

The course will require additional reading practice, grammar study and conversation development. 
Those with prior learning tend to get more out of the course than absolute beginners. You could prepare for the course by doing my Cùrsa Ro-ìre (absolute beginner), Intermediate Level Verb Use , Leuman 1 & Dialogue Drills 1 (post-beginner) Self-Study Cours