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Sgilean Conaltraidh - Cùrsa ùr 2024

Now that we have trialed this brand new course (face-to-face), it is available for online students as well.

This is a 2.5-hour intensive online workshop with to teach you communication & conversation skill essentials to hold an initial conversation. Online revision resources included (after the lesson).

£55 per person (max. 2 per session)

Our introductory workshop of the Gaelic language will give you as many tips as possible to kick-start your Gaelic learning and sound as natural as possible, from the very start. Good habits created at the start of your learning, will save you a lot of time trying to correct bad speaking habits in the future.

We will focus on the following:

- Pronunciation, Technique and Habit Creation

- Formal & Informal Dialogue - Question & Answer Structure - Communication Enhancement

You may have to share the session with 1 other students. (no more than 2 students per session)


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